Rugby, North Dakota

February 19th at 11am CST

What if richer soil could make you richer too?

    • Earn up to $45/acre per year simply by enriching your soil*
    • Reduce expenses by up to $50/acre with regenerative practices
    • Improve the resilience of your land and increase its fertility

    And learn how Indigo Marketplace can help you
    • Scan the market instantly to see what buyers are offering for your grain
    • Find the price that works by negotiating with multiple buyers at once
    • Lock in a futures price without committing to a delivery destination
    • Remove delivery challenges with coordinated logistics and trucking

Other reasons to attend…

  • Delicious meal on the house
  • Chat with fellow growers
  • Receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card for EVERY grower you bring from another farm

* Payment dependent on number of verified carbon credits generated and transferred to Indigo and is subject to holdback, buffer accounts and multi-year vesting. Payment rate is subject to change. Results will vary between participants. Terms and eligibility requirements  apply.

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